Boost Sound Up To 600%

Volume Master


Volume Master is a chrome extension that is used to increase the audio level up to 600% from maximum volume.

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Features of Volume Master

Boost Volume By 600%

Experience an astounding 600% increase in volume with our revolutionary volume Master.

Only Single Slider

Effortlessly enhance your audio experience using a single slider to increase the volume.

100% Safe to Use

Our volume master is 100% safe to use, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Works On All Sites

With just a single click, our volume master seamlessly operates on all websites.

Guide to Use Volume Master

How to Use Volume Master

Install the Volume Master extension from your preferred browser’s extension store.

Right-click on the Volume Master icon (or click and hold if you’re using a touchpad or touchscreen). A context menu will pop up with various options. Look for an option similar to “Pin to Toolbar” or “Pin Extension.” Click on this option. The Volume Master extension will now be pinned to your browser’s toolbar, typically appearing as a small icon.

You should see the Volume Master icon among your installed extensions. Click on the Volume Master icon to open the extension.

A volume control slider should appear, allowing you to adjust the volume level on the web pages you visit.

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